Ramon Polo offers effective home marketing and selling services with his skills and experience as a 2-time award winning marketer.

Ramon is a bi-lingual licensed Realtor in San Diego, Miami, and Fresno with eXp Realty, specialized in investment properties and luxury real estate.

He also provides home concierge services along with his wife Salendra, to get his busy clients set up with the best phone, wireless, high-speed, home security & automation, energy & electricity, and identity theft protection services for the best prices.

Since Ramon got his California Real Estate license in 2012 and his Florida license in 2021, he’s been involved in every aspect and role of real estate. 

He has experience as a real estate agent, real estate investor, landlord, real estate marketer, and as dispositions director in Florida.

He has a big network of investors and buyers that he leverages to put deals together nationwide, and even internationally.

On top of this, he speaks fluent English and Spanish to open up any property to the untapped and huge Spanish-speaking market.

About Ramon Polo

In 2008, Ramon Polo came to California from Spain to play basketball in college. Then, in 2010, he was HOOKED to digital marketing and started to sell products and services online.

In 2012 he got hooked to real estate so he got his license and has done all kinds of things in real estate. He’s an agent, an investor, a landlord, and he’s done marketing for many real estate agents and investors in the USA and Spain.

Ramon’s marketing agency based in Fresno, CA won the Marketing Agency Fresno 2019 and 2020 Awards, putting him in the Business Hall of Fame of Fresno County for winning the award 2 consecutive years.

As a licensed San Diego real estate agent he specializes in selling homes and helping buyers find their ideal homes in the coastal areas of Coronado, La Jolla, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Downtown San Diego, and more.

As a licensed Miami and Florida real estate agent and dispositions director, he specializes in investment properties and luxury real estate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect San Diego, California, and Florida home buyers with their perfect home at the moment, so they can live the lifestyle they want, or profit from their real estate investment.

No matter if your goal is to sell your home, find the perfect home, or profit as much as possible, our mission is to help you succeed.

Once we help you move, we’ll set you up with all the best home services you need, such high-speed internet, home security & automation, phones, energy & electricity, identity theft protection, and more.

What Makes Us Special


Ramon Polo is a 2x award-winning marketer who has real world marketing experience since 2010, giving him a big advantage over most agents


Ramon's network and database of active and real investors will help you to find your ideal property, or to help you sell your home.


Ramon speaks fluent English and Spanish, opening up any property to the huge and untapped Spanish-speaking market.


I am a creative real estate professional, so I can help you with anything you need related to real estate in San Diego, Miami, Fresno… and almost anywhere else!

I can help you sell your home or your investment property. If you want to sell your home for top dollar, we will put the home for sale on the market to attract the best buyers.

If you really NEED to sell your home ASAP, and don’t have time or energy to fix and to put it on the market, I’ll tell my investor cash buyers about your home so they buy it and close FAST… Without putting it on the market.

I can also help you buy the home that’s going to provide you your ideal lifestyle, or a property that’s going to make you a profit.

If you need a real estate agent in another city or state in the USA I’ll connect you with the best real estate agent possible.



Whether You're Selling Or Buying, Let's Talk!

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